Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just got my first JSF 2.0 program working on Glass Fish

I just got my first JSF 2.0 program working on Glass Fish.  Maybe I can be ahead of the power curve on this one!  I think I heard Frank Nimphius say something (unofficially) hinting that they might have plans to use JSF 2.0 ADF Faces. 

So I am studying JavaServer Faces 2.0: the complete reference by Burns and Schalk on airplane rides back and forth to/from VA from/to CO.  Also when I am on the treadmill in VA.

Also Frank Nimphius and Lynn Munsinger's new book as well.

I have submitted abstracts for both of these topics to both JavaOne and Oracle Open I am under the gun now.  Nothing new there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for acquiring my book. I encourage you to please post a review on!


Ed Burns, JSF Spec co-lead

Michael A. Fons said...

Ed, once again...thanks so much for visiting my blog.

I am trying to review your book on Amazon. They seem to be a little slow in sending me my password...which I have apparently forgotten.

I am also not very far into your book, but I will review anyway, because I already have some (positive!) things to say about it.