Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick Comments

It is amazing. The more I work with the ADF and the surrounding technologies, the easier many things are becoming. I think it is wisdom to keep this in mind. For example, I wanted to have a master bullet list and a child af:table. I could not see a way to do it without putting the parent list in an af:table as that is what I put it in.

A month later, I took another run at it; the problem I was having before is that to create the bulleted list I was using an af:forEach. There is no validation on each row like there is with an af:table on a submit. So if you want to set the current record, you cannot simply create a setCurrentRowWithKeyValue and pass it #{row.pkid} like you could with an af:table.

When taking another run at it, I first though of a complex thing I could do with binding, which might or might not have worked. I thought of an easier way of dealing with this problem in the meantime though: create an af:hiddenField with a ValueChangeListener that sets the current row. Then all you have to do is define the af:commandLinks you have in your bulleted list to have onclick defined to set the value of this hidden field to the value in the af:forEach. Something like the following:

document.getElementById("form1:hiddenfieldname").value = #{foreachRow.pkid};

Now you have your master!

Friday, May 9, 2008

JDev Forum favorite links added

I have had a great engagement over the last three months. I have resolved some questions about ADF I have had been looking for for a long time. A couple of items that come to mind is that: yes, you can do drag-and-drop in; it's just not as easy as it is in ver. 11g of JDev.

Also just today I resolved a problem I have had with JDev and refreshing the screen in combination with partial page rendering. You can read more about this at . Towit, I have added links from the Oracle JDev Forum that have been helpful to me. Hope they help you.

Another topic (in my JDev forum links section, also, entitled "autoSubmit and mouse clicks") is very important to anybody who is trying to make not have so many button clicks to get things done.

There is even an entry in there as I worked with Frank Nimphius and Oracle Tech Support to work out a bug in JDev.

I recommend you go though these links. They may be informative to you if you are developing in ADF.