Wednesday, June 17, 2009

f:verbatim's affects on af:inputText

Did you know if f:verbatim is a parent of af:inputText that the af:inputText will ignore changes made by the end-user to its data??? That one drove me a little nuts. I am trying to integrate Dojo with ADF is why I ran into such a scenario.

Oracle Open World 2009 Campaign

Thank you so much for your votes on my Oracle Open World presentation proposals. Many heavy hitters in the ADF community have voted for this presentation. It is on JSF Custom Components: Frank Nimphius, Grant Ronald, Peter Moskovits, and the list goes on and on.
I have noticed that Oracle Mix has been a bit flaky at time for the links that I distributed. If you wanted to vote but could not see the links, please try the proposal page; you should have better luck. At this time I am on the second page of Top proposals:
I am very excited to be involved with this campaign. :-)
Michael Fons

Hi. I want to speak at Oracle Open World 2009. My paper is on creating JSF Custom Components.

Please read my abstract and vote for my paper at

Note: in order for your vote to count, you will need to ...
1. Have/log into an Oracle Mix account (follow the appropriate links if you don't already have an Oracle Mix account; good site to check out, anyway)
2. Vote for at least 3 papers.

To help with 2. above, please also vote for a friend of mine...

And then...your vote #3 can be random or pointed...

Thanks for your time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

sun's blueprints

Very nice. I just had another look at Duncan Mills' Autosuggest tutorial using Sun's blueprint project. I am really beginning to understand what they were doing. I downloaded a bunch more stuff to look at on the plane going back to Virginia. Very interesting.

This is the article I am talking about. I looked at it a year or so ago; I understand it much better today. The blueprint project has a bunch of very useful, interesting custom JSF component code to look at for free. What a learning opportunity.

So was able to implement this as is, but I had some trouble using the BindingContainer. But I used #{data..dataProvider} to get the application module instead of going through the bindings layer, and that got me to the same place. I have not isolated the exact trouble with the bindings layer yet.

I realize that the BindingContainer layer (JSR 227?) is very important, but I believe I am still abiding by the overall architechtural bent of using the Application Module as a repository for services, and accessing only the exposed ones. Right now I just have some vague notion that creating a PageDef and hooking it into the DataBindings.cpx file is somehow fraut with opportunities to make mistakes. I have made a variety of mistakes setting these up, but the binding layer issues have the trouble of not yet revealing to me how on earth to troubleshoot the problem. I only see that when I get the value for #{bindings} that it is null.

Ah well. On the lighter side, I was able to download the source for this textfield.jar that this example uses; and I was able to get the source working just fine. I also obtained the source to the other aspects of J2EE blueprints avaialble in the same download, and also an additional download which gives the updates for Java EE 5.0 :-)

That should keep me busy on those 3.5 hour plane-trips. ;-)

One thing I would like to improve upon for this component is that it does not respond to a down arrow or up-arrow. I think this should be doable.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Time sink...

I spent way too much time trying to get this to work. It is upsetting me, so it goes on the blog.

The general idea is I wanted to change an XML file from my Java program. My approach was to load it into a Document object, manipulate it. Then when I was done I would use a DOMSource and a Transformer to convert this Document to a String.

What was supposed to work that did NOT was giving DOMSource a non-document an element. I wanted a string for a particular element. DOMSource would give me an empty string when I gave it a viable element, but gave me exactly what I expected when I gave it a real document.

I have no doubt that there is some magic I did not adhere to that will get this to work; by God I am have a limited life span!! Someday I will be savvy enough to deal with this problem I guess...but for now I found it easier to convert the whole document to a string and use regex to extract the node I wanted. Man!!