Thursday, March 25, 2010

ADF dialog framework simplified?

If you can overcome about any (needless) fear you might have about implementing a custom JSF NavigationHandler, you can actually open up your applications for many new possibilities.

The focus of this blog post is not how to create custom JSF framework extensions.  It is just this:  every time you use ADF's dialog framework (where you create an navigation outcome of the form "dialog:...", set useWindow in the af:commandButton/Link to true, partialSubmit to true) it is possible to create a bit of custom NavigationHandler code that simply launches a dialog window programatically instead of doing the normal navigation function. 

I tried this out because I was "forced to" due to a quirk of af:commandButton/Link which somehow has useWindow property ignored when inside of an af:iterator.  So I tried to think of the spot where it made the most sense to programmatically call up the dialog...duh!  The NavigationHandler of course.

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