Thursday, March 25, 2010

dojo and JSF integration page unload solution when auto-saving

If you have integrated dojo and JSF in the way described here in the authors' first method of integration, the you probably ran into a problem of how to copy the values back to the hidden field -- if you are trying to implement an auto-save feature.  In other words, if you want to allow a user to not have to click a link/button in order to save their changes then you must find some other client event to tap into.  I believe the authors of that article I referred to used an example for their first method which simply used onclick of a button to save back a value.

For the purposes of my auto-save feature, I went with something much more piggy:  onkeyup for the dojo field itself.  So with every keystroke I copy back the value to the hidden field.  This fix was quick, and it really is not that slow.

For a more efficient implementation, you could program javascript to wait 5 seconds after every keystroke, then check to see if the value has changed, but I wonder if the simple copy would be more efficient than all that...probably!

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