Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Very cool demo app!

News flash: there is a really cool app that Oracle put out to showcase their new components and features and skins with ADF Faces Rich Client suite. I thought you had to install it to look at it. But Moskovits's blog says it's online also at the following link!!

My goodness: if you don't study this site you are really missing out. What a lot of work those Oracle guys and gals have done!!!!!

This demo app shows all the rich client components and what they do. You can also view the usage of each of them. Incredible.

Also if you want to download this app to study it you can do that as well...
Just click on

In there is a war file you can download. Take that war file and import it into a Generic application as a project. In the new project dialog there is an option to create a new project from a war file.

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