Friday, February 6, 2009

JDev 11g Cue Card impressions

To begin to get a feel for how things have changed between JDev 10g and 11g, I decided to follow the cue cards to create a new Fusion Application and also the cue cards for the ADF Faces features.

For the Fusion App here are my impressions:
  1. The same basic features are still there, only with a new look and feel.
  2. I think there were only a couple of mis-matches between what I experienced and what was expected by the cue-cards. They were that in one case an OrderId1 field on the editOrder screen needed a numeric converter added, and in another case there was a default value that needed to be added (0) for a field/column in the orders entity (order version id or something like that).
  3. The page flow diagram has been enhanced. Running an app now needs to be done with respect to this page flow diagram.
  4. There are several more WEB-INF xml files that are created as part of the development process.
  5. View Accessors are used a lot to do LOV/Menu/Drop-down list functionality. These are connected at the entity level also. I am pretty sure such work would have had to have been done programmatically if at all in JDev 10g ADF.
  6. View Criteria functionality also would have been done programmatically in 10g; now much is declarative...i.e., done through wizards and dialogs. View Criteria seem to be intimately connected to Search sections of a form. In 10g there were several ways to make these search forms happen. With the help of the ADF Developer Guide these different methods were not so bad, but there with View Criteria, now you can drag and drop such a Search Form region onto your page. Also you apparently do not have to redefine a new query for each search form you want to create...just a new search criteria. Also I notice there is a new ADF Faces component called af:query.

I will post some more thoughts as I finish up these cue cards. I think these will be a great warm up to actually working with 11g on a daily basis.

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