Thursday, February 12, 2009

11g rich table

More thoughts about JDev 11g rich table. It is very important if you are having trouble controlling the width of the table that you check the width property. The wysiwyg editor for Jdeveloper for this component will allow resizing on the screen by clicking and dragging. But once you do, it codes a width in there which disables default sizing behavior, and was causing me some major head-scratching.

Also, it does not appear that you can turn off the table component's outline. We shall see.

Also, it appears when adjusting column widths in such a table, that it is best to stay away from using the wysiwyg editor to drag things around. It seems the result of resizing columns is unpreditable to me at this point in my learning; what I mean is this: I tried to resize one column and all columns resize. I can kind of control column resizing, however, by manually changing the columns' width property...because those I can multi-select and change all their properties at once to something smaller (or larger).

Also (a lot of also's) I wanted to avoid the horizontal scrollbar for the table component. But if you use any of the column stretching capabilities it seems to enact the horizontal scrollbar, even the size of the inner content only exceeds the width of the div by a few pixels. I think I could control this if I used some javascript to somehow identify this div's id, the used overflow-x css command somehow. But I cannot control this on the skin level.

In many cases, of course, things render much better in these regards in firefox than in IE...

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