Wednesday, February 11, 2009

JDev 11g Rich Components

My favorite rich component is the RichMenuBar component because it sounds like you could EAT IT!! :-)

Nevertheless, I am having fun exploring all the new and interesting developments in JDev 11g ADF Faces...the rich sequel. Here are some things I have noticed:
  1. af:tables might handle paging through records it a scroll now??? I do not readily see an option to designate how many rows go on a page...of course maybe that was never an option.
  2. Adjusting af:table columns in the ide is possible but tricky. But you can tell it to create a blank column at the end to take up any remaining white space.
  3. af:breadCrumbs are new. Very nice.
  4. If you do custom skinning you will be delighted to know that you can now EXTEND blaf or any other skin family!! No longer do you have to invent your own. This is really great!!
  5. af:menuBar can contain af:menu or a command item. And menus can contain menus or command items....that means you can now do real menus...that look really, um, menu-like!! yay! out of the stone age and into the light...
  6. one of my favorite things here is their tool which is an application which allows demoing of each component with respect to functionality, usage and skinning experimentation. I mentioned this a subject or two ago.
  7. There are other things, but it is getting late and I am tired. I will try to elaborate more tomorrow.

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