Friday, February 27, 2009

MyFaces Orchestra conversation-scope

I have experienced some issues with ADF Faces (out of JDev 10.1.3) which (I was told) were probably related to inadequate garbage collection (probably on session-scoped managed beans and variables). So I have been looking for something that would help this application's robustness.

I saw a product which may help with some of this. It is called MyFaces Orchestra, and it might be worth looking into. It would allow custom bean scopes called conversation-scope. This framework uses Spring. If there is a problem with accumulating garbage, this would surely help keep such things under control. Apparently improving things like this could be an iterative process; conversations are by default of session duration. But later you can group beans and garbage collect whenever you decide the need arises. But even the act of putting all session-scoped beans into this framework might be a great first step to helping this situation.

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