Thursday, March 26, 2009

JSF Portlet Bridge and WebCenter

I did a post a while back on JSF Portlet Bridge that I will now revise, because things are not quite like I thought they were.

Let's say that your organization has an Oracle Portal 10g install. Then let's say you want to start integrating ADF Faces apps that were generated from JDev 10g. (That would be Apache Trinidad in JDev 11g parlance). Here is what you would want to do: install your ADF apps on a Oracle App Server. Let's say you did not have the WebCenter license of any kind. Then you would need to add some kind of generic web page with an iframe on it that called out to the ADF Page. That would be your option.

But let's say you had the minimal, or "Services" WebCenter License (I believe that is priced by CPU-core count.). Then you can deploy your ADF Faces apps to that same after you have doctored it up. By doctored it up I mean the following:
1. Install SOA
2. Apply patchset
3. Create new oc4j in EM. Call it wsrp2
4. Install portlet-server-install.jar
5. PER NOTE: Note 752220.1 Java.Lang.Noclassdeffounderror: Javax/Xml/Soap/Soapelement Deploying Standalone Application
cd $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/wsrp2/config
vi server.xml

6. Start container. (opmnctl startproc process-type=wsrp2)
7. Deploy application. NO ERROR

A few notes about this process above:
  • You can get the portlet-server-install.jar by looking at the following:


Oracle Portlet Container and PDK-Java

  • Your Oracle Portal installation will need to be up to date. So that means at least your Portal Repository needs to be at then you will have a work-around because your images will not work right. It is best if you upgrade to on your iAS and on your Portal Repository and do all the pertinent patches...and there are a few! But they are documented.
  • At this point there will still be some CSS-related issues that are documented in an Oracle bug. (7968131) I am gathering this case is not being worked too hard, though.

So then you can consume your "produced", portletized ADF apps just fine. They work pretty darn well, too!

Apparently, though, JSF Portlet Bridge is not supported by Oracle for Apps that you deploy to the OC4J 10.1.2.x -- which is Portal 10g's current iAS platform until Portal 11g comes out.

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