Thursday, March 12, 2009

JDev 11g's Class Diagrammer

Must comment on JDev 11g's Class Diagrammer.

I wanted to diagram some classes. I was in the Model projects of a MVC project, and the project technologies, under New gallery, under Diagrammers, was Java Class Diagrammer. So I selected it. Then I discovered that it seems this diagrammer is geared toward ADF/BC Java Class other words, if you want to model an entity or a view Java Class or something. I guess my poor brain has not even conceived of the need for such a diagrammer, but there must be a methodology where such a thing is a good idea. I will have to experiment with that...

But for that timeframe I just wanted a simple UML Class Diagrammer, but to find it you need to select all technologies, and select Class Diagrammer...not Java Class Diagrammer. What-EVER!! Now I am in the KNOW.

Once in the Class Diagrammer things went very smoothly. You can enter attributes and method with a short hand where + means public, - means private, # means protected, and blank means package. The diagrammer makes it pretty simple to enter multiple attributes at a time: type one, hit enter...and the diagrammer is waiting to take the next attributes. Same with methods. Links are pretty intuitive as well...which for a diagrammer is good.

That's it. OKThanksBye.

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