Thursday, January 20, 2011

JSF 2.0 observations on JavaScript format for Ajax

I notice that on the version of JSF 2.0 I have on GlassFish, that the jsf.js page may not be included to make a call to jsf.ajax.request(), if you need access to this function. I guess in that case you would either add a do-nothing f:ajax tag to your JSF file, or do some include of the jsf.js library programmatically. The former option may be better.

Also I noticed that if you want to key in on a non-default event when calling jsf.ajax.request() that you will need to create an object for the last parameter that includes the property javax.faces.behavior.event...but be careful: you will get a JavaScript error if you try to do this all in line without some extra work. Property names typically do not have periods in them ("."). So you have to do something like the following:

...onkeyup="var lArgs = {}; lArgs['render'] = 'form:output'; lArgs['javax.faces.behavior.event'] = 'keyup'; jsf.ajax.request(this,event,lArgs);"

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