Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Value Change listener method hint

Here is an important fact. Amazing even.

If you have ever experienced where you have a difference in the behavior of your ADF Faces screen between when somebody when you do a commit by executing the commit Action binding, or doing a commit by pressing a commandLink which fires an action binding...I have some help for you.

In my (sample) senario, I had changed a name in the Name field on a screen. I wanted to get this change into the database, because there is a unique key constraint in the database on the table column associated with this name field. When I create a new record, I call a pl/sql procedure to do the work, then execute a query, then go to the screen where this name field is. The name field has a default value in it, but it is important that the end user change this name field. So I put a value change listener on the name field, so that if they change the name, a commit will be fired.

The only problem was that the value change listener method is called before the value in the fields gets written to the binding layer. So you have to force it prior to calling the commit.

If you have Steve Muench's EL helper class you can do the following in the value change listener method:

EL.set("#{bindings.Name.inputValue}", valueChangeEvent.getNewValue());
Works great!

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