Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Job posting

We are looking for a new addition to our team out in Fairfax, VA, to help out with ADF work. We are trying mightily to convert an old web-pl/sql toolkit/portal system to ADF Faces. Right now our target for conversion is the ADF Faces (JSF 1.1) which comes with JDeveloper 10.1.3.x. We are deploying to OC4J/iAS

Ultimately we would like to get to ADF Faces Rich Client (JSF 1.2) version, but that is contingent on resolving some licensing issues.

So, if you know ADF/JSF/J2EE/Java EE/Java/JSP and are looking for work in the Fairfax, VA area please contact me at michael_fons at yahoo dot com.

Limited telecommuting might be possible, but more than likely you would be commuting (like me) or moving to this area on some basis.

U.S. Citizenship required.

There is also some BI reporting work to do as well, so if you know BI or Pentaho that would be a plus.

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Simon Haslam said...


You mentioned you had potential licensing issues presumably around moving to 11g/WebLogic. If you have supported IAS licences now you should find you can migrate to WebLogic Basic at no cost, and therefore run ADF 11g. You might be interested in a blog entry I wrote about this at: