Wednesday, July 22, 2009

tomahawk t:popup component

If you have to remember something about the t:popup component: remember this: if you use it on a af:commandLink (or some command component...something that submits) and you click on that component, you will get an error when your page reloads (due to postback), if you are running on IE 6 or 7. "...Operation aborted"

The cause of this error seems to be that you are trying to run javascript before the DOM is all the way loaded.

It also seems to mess up the wysiwyg editor in JDeveloper 10g, but I can kinda get used to that...for what this popup component brings to the tables. It allows you to hover over an element and get a popup which will stay open until you leave it. Or you can make the popup go away when when you leave the driving element.

Anyway...everything is peachy in IE 8 and in the latest version of Firefox. :-)

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