Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Job hunting can be fun!

Since the end of my last engagement I am looking for work, studying to fill in things I need to learn to be more marketable, finishing up odds and ends on the last engagement.

Here are some noteworthy items:
1. If you are using Oracle AS and SSO with an ADF BC/JSF app (10g AS, least) there is a critical thing you need to know:
a. Setting CacheNegotiatedDocs in Apache will cache pages
b. change mod_osso.conf file to "OssoSendCacheHeaders off"
In my last engagement we had done a. but not b. So none of the caching was working and the application was REALLY SLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW. I thought I was going to lose my mind. It actually took my supervisor looking at AD4J output (see prior post in this blog) to get the idea that caching was not occuring. He saw the same files getting accessed over and over and over again! This is huge! It will make the difference between having a pleasant positive relationship with my former employer and a really crappy one.
2. In one of my interviews, the interviewer asked me about JSR 227. I could not answer him, but it seems like this at the very least encompasses the binding PageDef file, the need for DataControls (I think) and a bunch of other things. So while reading Supprisingly there are Navigation aspects to this JSR also...not just connections to data controls and methods in the model/business component/business service layer.

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